Associate Prof. Sumi was nominated to "The Hayashi Chushiro Prize" !!

The Astronomical Society of Japan awards the Hayashi Chushiro Prize to an outstanding researcher among its membership every year.
Dr. Chushiro Hayashi established the fund by a donation of prize money. It aims to hand down achievements to posterity.
This year, the board chose Associate Prof. Takahiro Sumi as a best nominee for the award.
The prize-winning research is "A research on extrasolar planets via gravitational microlensing".
An award ceremony will be held in the Astronomical Society of Japan's annual meeting in March, Kyushu University.
Associate Prof. Sumi will make a commemorative speech at the ceremony.
We are delighted to hear this news and feel proud of this.
Hearing this encouraging news, we all promised ourselves to dedicate to our study and research.

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