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The camera to be mounted on the PRIME telescope will have four near-infrared image sensors with 4k x 4k pixels. The combination of this camera and the telescope will allow us to observe a field of view equivalent to that of six full moons at once, enabling us to efficiently search for exoplanets. Compared to other telescopes, the PRIME telescope is unique in that it has one of the world's largest fields of view in the near-infrared wavelength range.

focus form prime focus reflector telescope
diameter 1.8m
diameter ratio F/2.29
frame 経緯台式
image sensor HAWAII-4RG-10
number of image sensor chips 4 sheets
number of pixels/1 chip 4096 × 4096
pixel size 10μm
pixel scale 0.5"/pixel
FOV 1.56 square degrees
(1.29 square degrees excluding the gap between the chips)
observation site South Africa Sutherland
(20°48'42",-32°23'14", elevation 1789m)
table1 PRIME telescope and camera specifications